Corporate Capital Funding has always been known for working with small business and this last week was another example of that. We recently closed a funding request for a start up Tattoo business. The client has considerable experience and a strong earnings history, so we we able to secure funding to start up this new business. So the next time you hear someone needs financing please remember Corporate Capital Funding. If we can arrange for funding the harder transactions we can definitely help you or your customers with their funding needs too.

Corporate Capital Funding is proud to announce it has recently closed on a lower six figure line of credit with a medical professional in order to support the continued growth in their medical practice and the physician’s investments.

When a customer’s bank was unwilling to work with this retailer to finance the expansion of their business by purchasing a competitor, we were able to arrange for this financing with a 5 year fixed rate and a 10 year amortization and no money down. The existing bank did not feel the customer’s year of experience and cash flow were sufficient to approve this request, while another funding group was more than happy to approve the request.

We are pleased to announce the settlement on a loan to fund the acquisition and development of 22 acres of land and the renovation of a home on the property. The goal of the developer is to renovate and sell the home along with the development of a total of three parcels from the existing property. Corporate Capital Funding is once again able to provide alternatives not ultimatums for our clients.

Corporate Capital Funding is happy to announce the approval of one million dollars for an investor who owns several properties in Baltimore and is looking to refinance for better rates and to cash out funds to use to acquire additional properties.  These properties are used for multifamily housing and have greatly enhanced the value of the properties in the area.  The client is being offered competitive rates and terms as part of this refinancing.

Corporate Capital Funding recently arranged for working capital funding for a new law firm in the Washington, DC area.  While the firm was just formed in January of 2012, it has been very successful and is growing quite rapidly.  Corporate Capital Funding was introduced to the firm through Linked In and was able to complete the funding in 4 days.

A customer who is purchasing a cab company was looking for funding of new hybrid cabs to save on fuel and costs.  Corporate Capital Funding was able to secure the needed funding of this business for new cabs that are projected to be more efficient and looks forward to working with the business owner on an on going basis for added vehicles and other operating equipment.  Your one source for alternatives…….not ultimatums.

Corporate Capital Funding received approval from one of our regional funders for a term loan to payoff a preapproved line of credit for the acquisition and renovation by the borrower before renting the property to a variety of different tenants. Now that the properties are fully leased, the funder is prepared to fund the amount needed so the borrower can now plan to acquire more investment properties.

Corporate Capital Funding was successful in arranging
funding for a group of investors who are purchasing for renovation single family homes in West Baltimore, MD.

The funding was based upon 65% loan to value, with positive results in
the appraisals due to the hard work of the Investors and the pricing was fixed
at 6% for five years with 20 year amortization.


Corporate Capital Funding is proud to provide……alternatives…..not ultimatums. 

Corporate Capital Funding has arranged for the funding of some needed medical equipment for a practice in the Maryland area, while saving money for that physician.  The medical practice client wanted to purchase some needed equipment while saving money by purchasing used/refurbished equipment instead of new.  Corporate Capital was able to complete that request and saving the practice thousands of dollars over purchasing a new piece of the same equipment.

Corporate Capital Funding providing Alternatives …..not Ultimatums.