In order to respect our customer’s confidentiality, we are no longer providing any detail on closed transactions, but what is listed does describe our past performance. IF you have any questions about our capacity to address your funding requests, please call Jim Drayton anytime at 410-371-9753 to discuss your needs or interests.

With another company owner, who has an operating business and a real estate holding company, we were able to meet all of her financing needs by arranging a line of credit for the operating business. In addition to financing for a new real estate investment to preserve the profit from the sale of the existing business with a 1031 tax deferred exchange along with financing for the renovation of the new building for the operating business. Due to our extensive experience in corporate financing, contacts in the industry and ability to work with the customer and their needs, we were able to close this business within a timely fashion.

Arranged the financing of the purchase of a day spa with only 10% down by the purchaser, a note takeback from the seller of 15% with a 10 year amortization on the loan. Purchaser had extensive experience in the industry and a good credit history.

When a contractor client needed to refinance their investment property for the second time in 5 years and their existing bank was unwilling to, we were able to work with the client quickly and efficiently due to a history and track record with this client. Like many of our returning clients, we are able to maintain the background and knowledge of the customer’s business so as to be able to expedite the application, approval and closure process. This saved the owners time, money and credit history.

Like many businesses these days, the traditional banking relationships we have all been use to are no longer available. Corporate Capital Funding was contacted by the accountant of a company in this predicament and we met with management, rolled up our sleeves and began to work with them to arrange the funding the company needed to support present and future operations. While this was a multi million dollar relationship, Corporate Capital Funding was successful because we took the time to listen to the owners, carefully evaluate their multi faceted needs and found the right lender with an appetite for new business. To date we have closed three of four facilities and plan on closing the fourth very soon to not only fund the capital needs for the company real estate, but also replacement of the fleet of vehicles, refinancing existing equipment and a line of credit to support the company’s working capital.

Corporate Capital Funding was successful since we are able to offer alternatives not ultimatums to company’s current financing needs.

Introduced two customers, one who wanted to sell an apartment building and the other who was looking to expand their real estate holdings. Arranged for financing by the purchaser with a 10 year fixed rate and a 25 year amoritization. The Purchaser also wanted to pay for some renovations and the funder was open to financing those costs with additional collateral in other buildings.

Worked for the owner of a transportation related business on replacing his banking relationship that included real estate loans, a line of credit and equipment financing. The client had been in business for over 20 years. After their local bank was acquired by a national banking institution, the relationship between the bank and the customer deteriorated to the point that a new relationship was critical to the success of the business.

Corporate Capital Funding was successful in its efforts as a corporate financier in arranging funding for an owner occupied property in Baltimore, MD.   We were also successful in arranging a line of credit for the operating business of the property owner. The commercial business had just gone through an major expansion of its operations by adding a second location and  but their bank would not fund the refinancing of their existing building and a line of credit, so once again Corporate Capital Funding was successful by offering ……

                                         Alternatives not Ultimatums…… Read more…

Financed another block of Single Family rental properties for a client with an extensive portfolio. Due to a long term relationship with this customer, the knowledge of the customer’s background, experience and ability made closure of this transaction happen quickly with a 10 year fixed rate and a 25 year amortization.
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Corporate Capital Funding is proud to announce that we have received preliminary approval for the lease of a highly efficient lighting system for the manufacturer of homes in one of their locations in Maryland.  This lighting system buy CBD products an 18 month payback feature and our funding approval includes a 60 day skip payment period at the inception of the lease so the customer can start to enjoy the benefit of the new system prior to start making payments for the system.  We are also working on the preapproval of more funding to support the installation of the same system through out the remainder of the facilities in Maryland and around the country.