Transaction Definitions

AcquisitionOne company taking over control of another company.

ExpansionsCompany looking to grow their business operation beyond their present level.

MergersCombining of two or more businesses to form a single organization.

Venture CapitalA business looking for an investment partner who will provide capital to assist their business growth over the next five years.

RefinancingTo reorganize existing debt by obtaining new financing that pays off their existing debt.

Leasing Definitions

Direct Financing LeaseAn agreement that the owner of the equipment gives another party the right to use the equipment under the set terms and conditions of the lease.

Off Balance Sheet LeaseAny form of financing, such as operating lease, that for financial reporting purposes, is not required to be reported on a client’s balance sheet.

Sale LeasebackA transaction that involves the sale of equipment to a leasing company and subsequent lease of the same equipment back to the original owner, who continues to use the equipment.

Start Up Business LeaseThere are special programs that allow clients with start-up businesses to lease equipment with a few extra required documents.

Lease LineA lease line of credit. A lessee can add equipment without having to renegotiate a new lease each time.

Preapproval leasesA program that allows you to get approval for a certain amount before you start looking which eliminates lost time during the purchasing process.