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Business needing a new lender

time datetime="2015-05-11" pubdate="pubdate" itemprop="datePublished">May 11th, 2015

Like many businesses these days, the traditional banking relationships we have all been use to are no longer available. Corporate Capital Funding was contacted by the accountant of a company in this predicament and we met with management, rolled up our sleeves and began to work with them to arrange the funding the company needed to support present and future operations. While this was a multi million dollar relationship, Corporate Capital Funding was successful because we took the time to listen to the owners, carefully evaluate their multi faceted needs and found the right lender with an appetite for new business. To date we have closed three of four facilities and plan on closing the fourth very soon to not only fund the capital needs for the company real estate, but also replacement of the fleet of vehicles, refinancing existing equipment and a line of credit to support the company’s working capital.

Corporate Capital Funding was successful since we are able to offer alternatives not ultimatums to company’s current financing needs.