Corporate Capital Funding was started by Jim Drayton in December of 1991 after many years of working for various commercial banks in the Baltimore Washington area. Between the high interest rates of the late 1970s and the Savings and Loan Crisis in the early 1980s, the banking industry in the US has been under severe pressure to consolidate and reduce overhead in order to be successful.  These situations have hurt the business community in the US.

The thought to create Corporate Capital Funding came from the idea that businesses and professionals are unable to find funding sources that provide alternatives to their present banking arrangements.  Too many customers were being given ultimatums from their lenders – “take it or leave it” – and they lacked alternatives to compare to their present bank relationships.

It is common for businesses to compare banks with funding but that does not provide the customer with true comparison to different alternatives and many doing comparative analysis of banking services, will only shave basis points.

Lastly rate is not the only key factor in any funding arrangements. With Credit policies between banks being very similar due to government oversight customers have been unable to locate alternative sources to provide them with other options beyond their local institutions.  Businesses and professionals need an ally who works for them to located and evaluate the options from other funding sources.  Too many times a banking customer’s contact at their present bank change frequently, leaving the customer without a lender who is knowledgeable about their business. 
So as an alternative to the present situation, Corporate Capital Funding was started to fill the void between what businesses or professionals can consider in the area of commercial funding for their business.  Corporate Capital Funding works for our customer’s not funding sources.  With our years of experience, we have contacts throughout the banking and non-banking funding communities in the US, therefore we can work for our customers and provide them alternatives to their present funding arrangements so they can choose what is best for their business and not have to fit into the box offered by local banks.  Businesses and professionals can have the confidence that Corporate Capital Funding has the continuity and relationships that have lasted for the 35 years. These relationships and experiences provide our customers with a rapid contact to key funding groups thoughout the country who can provide realistic alternatives not ultimatums.

Customers pay Corporate Capital Funding upon successful arrangement of the funding required for their business and they do not have to constantly reeducate Corporate Capital Funding, only update us on what has happened in their business since the inception of a relationship or our last transaction.  We can assist our customers with their funding needs, whether the company is still an idea on paper, in your computer, or if your business has been operating for many years and outgrown its existing banking relationships.  Many companies have been hurt by the recent economic conditions in the US that have been called the worse since the Depression and we remain committed to helping our customers with the funding needs and provide them alternatives to their present funding arrangements or lack there of. 
So when you or your business needs some commercial funding, consider Corporate Capital Funding, we can provide the alternatives your company needs, not ultimatums.  We have the ability to service our customers funding needs from short term working capital, from factoring to open lines of credit, to medium term financing or leasing of equipment and related items, to longer term financing for the purchase or refinancing of real estate projects, business acquisitions and the like.  Contact Corporate Capital Funding and let us work for you and your business to help you to be even more successful.