Welcome to Corporate Capital Funding

With all that is going on in the world, we have encountered many stressed and troubled colleagues and business professionals. They are informing us that either they or their customers have been turned away because a funding source was unable to approve their requests for funding. Companies were not sure where to turn for a better solution for their clients.

Corporate Capital Funding wants to prevent that from occurring, by providing your clients with alternatives not ultimatums!

We have the ability to respond to a large variety of funding requests:

  • Asset Based Lending for accounts receivable and working capital¬†commercial-financing
  • Commercial Loans of all types for many different reasons
  • Equipment Financing both new, used and refurbished
  • Real Estate Financing to improve your rate or generate some cash
  • SBA Financing of various types and reasons
  • Equipment and Vehicle Leasing or Financing for either capital leases or operating leases for all types of equipment from computer software to trucks, buses and construction equipment

At Corporate Capital Funding we believe customer satisfaction is essential when building a strong, solid relationship. Since we always make that a priority, clients are constantly returning to Corporate Capital Funding to secure additional commercial financing. Our objective is to give a fast, positive response that suits their needs. We want the opportunity to provide your clients with our quality financial services. The relationships we have developed over the last 20 years with various referral sources have been fundamental to both their and our success.